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What is Rover Echo™?

Echo CardRover Echo is a Continuous Data Protection (CDP) solution specifically designed for user end points. Instead of waiting or relying on a scheduled backup, Echo backs up your most important files, in real-time, the moment they are saved. What’s more, it does this effortlessly and transparently, eliminating your need to schedule a backup window.

Echo is an ideal solution for protecting data that lives on the edge. The edge is defined as mobile and laptop users or remote offices not tethered to corporate networks, or desktop data that is frequently not included as part of the backup window. A recent statistic indicates that 93% of corporate data lives on the edge unprotected.

Delivering IBM CDP technology, Echo replicates your important files, protects them and makes them available to you from multiple locations. First, Echo replicates your saved files to a secondary location on your computer’s hard drive, maintaining separate copies of each file version. Next, it copies those same files to a second location that may include a Rover Card™ USB Flash Drive, a Rover Drives™ portable disc drive, Echo Depot™ server appliance, your corporate files server and/or a Rover data facility for offsite storage. The types of files and the amount of data you want to backup will determine the type of device to meet your needs.


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Rover Technology Fusions, Tampa, Florida, considers information security to be of paramount importance. Rover Technology Fusions employees are bonded, insured and specifically trained to understand their responsibilities in keeping all customer information safe and confidential. Rover Technology Fusions employees follow precise security procedures and use state of the art technologies to protect your information against unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and misuse. Rover Technology Fusions first priority is the security and privacy of your data.

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