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Co-location & Dedicated Hosting


Rover offers customizable server co-location solutions that address both the current requirements and future needs of our customers.

Co-locating servers to Rover's data center delivers the following benefit to your company, day and night.

  • Secure, environmentally protected environment:
    • Hurricane Cat-5 rated facility.
    • CCTV monitoring and 24/7 onsite security personnel.
    • Environmentally controlled (monitored A/C and moisture).
  • Backup power generators.
  • Redundant bandwidth from multiple providers with auto-switch to backup provider.
  • Direct connection to high-speed Internet backbone.
  • Commercial grade APC units.
  • Commercial grade firewall and switching equipment.

Managed Services are available and can be easily built into your solution.

Co-location starts at $199.00 per month.
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for a quote to move your business into a secure Rover data facility.

Rover's ARC server is a secure, automatic backup solution that includes remote access and file sharing options. Click here for more information on data backup.

Dedicated Hosting

For many companies, dedicated hosting provides them with the security and reliability that they need without having the capital outlay required for servers, switches, firewall equipment and bandwidth. A dedicated hosting solution allows businesses to rent space on our enterprise servers and take advantage of best-of-breed network equipment and the security of our hardened facility. This service allows you to manage your own server or we can provide that service for you.

Dedicated hosting plans start at $299 per month.
Click here for a quote.

Rovers ARC server is a secure, automatic backup solution that includes remote access and file sharing options. Click here for more information on data backup.

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Rover Technology Fusions, Tampa, Florida, considers information security to be of paramount importance. Rover Technology Fusions employees are bonded, insured and specifically trained to understand their responsibilities in keeping all customer information safe and confidential. Rover Technology Fusions employees follow precise security procedures and use state of the art technologies to protect your information against unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and misuse. Rover Technology Fusions first priority is the security and privacy of your data.

Rover Technology Fusions does not give, sell or transfer your information to a third party for any reason. Rover Technology Specializes is Digital Writing, especially with the Logitech IO pen, Maxell pen and other digital writing pens. Utilizing the best of breed Anoto, and Vision Objects technology, Rover Technology Fusions creates commercial grade applications for business. Whether its digital writing, workflow analysis, tablet PC, forms development, digital forms, forms processing, digital ink, Anoto writing, word recognition, character recognition, Rover Technology speaks your Language. Rover, based in Tampa Florida sells the Rover INK Workflow solution to customers across the globe, within the US and throughout Florida.

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